Office Bearers

Our dedicated team of Office Bearers plays a pivotal role in shaping the direction and impact of our initiatives in CARE Administration. Under the esteemed leadership of Mr. Pritam Kumar, the Convener of CARE cum Co-Convener of Research at ICCHR, CARE is a dynamic hub of Academic Research, Quality Legal Education, Global Academic Collaborations and Advocacy. His leadership and passion for research have been instrumental in shaping CARE’s mission and vision. As the Co-Convener of Research at ICCHR, he seamlessly integrates the goals of CARE with the broader objectives of the organisation.

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Mr. Dipendu Das, the Convener of ICCHR is the Hon’ble Patron of CARE. His visionary leadership and commitment to Public Policy and Welfare advocacy provide the guiding light for CARE’s endeavors. His unwavering support and guidance inspire us to pursue Academic Excellence and Advocate for positive change.

Following are the key Office Bearers:

  • Ms. Priya Kumari, Research Coordinator, CARE
  • Ms. Mahak Khirwal, Academic Coordinator, CARE
  • Ms. Pragati Purohit, Publications Coordinator, CARE
  • Ms. Asmita Priyam, Events Coordinator, CARE

Core Members:

  • Ms. Aditi Gupta
  • Ms. Rajshree Tigga
  • Ms. Srijeeta Lahiri
  • Ms. Angelina A. Dai