Campus Coordinator Program

Campus Coordinator Program

The CARE Campus Coordinator Program is an exclusive initiative designed to empower University/College students and foster leadership within university and college campuses. The Program offers students the opportunity to serve as ambassadors of our organisation and promote our mission within their university or college. Through this program, students will have the chance to develop valuable leadership skills, gain hands-on experience in event planning and coordination, and contribute to the advancement of academic research initiatives on campus. 65d1afa922b381

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Serve as a liaison between CARE and their respective University or College.
  2. Promote CARE’s initiatives and events within their Campus Community.
  3. Organise and facilitate campus-level activities, workshops and seminars/webinars on academic research and related topics.
  4. Identify and engage potential members and collaborators within their campus.
  5. Provide regular updates and reports on their activities to CARE Administration.

Eligibility: Students from the second year onwards from University Grants Commission recognised University/College are eligible to apply for the Program. We welcome motivated and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about academic research, leadership and community engagement.

Program Duration: The CARE Campus Coordinator Program is a virtual program for one year term, allowing Students ample time to immerse themselves in the role and make meaningful contributions to their campus community. 65d1b0333ed341

Perks & Benefits:

  1. Membership Recognition: Campus Coordinators will receive recognition in CARE’s Global Student Membership Directory, showcasing their involvement in promoting academic excellence.
  2. Research and Publication Opportunities: Participants will have access to various research and publication opportunities, allowing them to contribute to scholarly discourse and academic publications.
  3. Certificate of Recognition: Upon successful completion of the program, Campus Coordinators will receive a Certificate of Recognition, acknowledging their valuable contributions to CARE and their campus community.
  4. Letter of Recommendation: CARE Administration will provide a Letter of Recommendation to outstanding Campus Coordinators, highlighting their leadership and dedication during their tenure.